Tips on How to Choose the Right Numbers

Many people believe playing the lottery is a game of chance. While others believe they can win the lottery by analyzing the patterns of numbers that have been won on previous draws. Some people select their own “lucky” numbers.

Choosing the Right Numbers

Trying to determine the best way to choose your lottery numbers to play can be a difficult task. Some people swear by letting the machine choose their numbers by requesting a “quick pick”, as it is the machine that is essentially going to draw the numbers. However, a 7-time jackpot winner, Lustig, has stated that he found the best way to pick the winning lottery numbers is to pick your own numbers.

Analyzing and Number Patterns

Another way some people choose their lottery numbers is by analyzing past winning number sequences to determine the number of times certain numbers have been repetitively drawn. They try to establish patterns within the numbers. This method takes a lot of time and patience.

Pick Your Own Lucky Numbers

Many people choose their lottery numbers by selecting some personal lucky numbers. These numbers may be birthdates of family members, milestones, or just numbers that have been previously lucky for them.

Always Play the Same Numbers

Some people believe if you play the same set of lottery numbers every draw that sooner or later these numbers will eventually win.

Funny Ways of Choosing Lottery Numbers

Fortune cookies that you receive from Chinese Food Restaurants contain a fortune and a set of “lucky numbers” inside. Some people take the “fortune” part to heart and play the “lucky numbers” as their lottery numbers. It has been known that several people have chosen this method, and there have been numerous winners as they all got the same “lucky numbers” in their fortune cookie.

Is There Really a Secret to Picking Winning Lottery Numbers?

In reality, there is no secret to picking the correct winning lottery numbers.