Win the Lottery in India

Playing the lottery in India is only permitted in certain states. However, if you are fortunate enough to live in one of the states which allows playing lotteries, you have the opportunity to win big.

What You Can Do When You Win the Lottery in India

When you win a large amount of money in a lottery, it is very wise to seek out a financial advisor. They will offer guidance on which investment products are available in a bank which will best meet your needs.

Lotto India

This new national lottery is available to play across India and also from various locations around the world. This online lottery is for Indian people across the world. Some jackpots are worth 3.8 crores, which are bigger jackpots than some state lotteries. Lotto India is easy to play; simply choose six numbers from one to 50 and then choose one joker ball between one and five. The winnings are tiered according to the number of correctly matched numbers, with a one in three chance to win one of the tiered prizes. At times, Lotto India will include bumper draws that elevate the jackpot amounts even higher. The Lotto India tickets can only be purchased online, as they are not available from retailers. You have the choice of buying a single ticket or purchasing a subscription.

In India, online lottery tickets can be purchased through Residents can view some of the biggest jackpots in the world. provides direct links to the lotteries of your choosing.

Mofijul Rahima Sheikh

Mofijul Rahima Sheikh, 22, is the subject of one of the most fantastic lottery stories in India. In 2016, in Kerala, he won the Karunia Government Lottery. Mofijul had only been in Kerala for one week, as he was a migrant worker when he won the lottery.