Lucky Numbers and Spirit Animals

Many people are both superstitious and/or spiritual. Some people feel that certain numbers have spiritual meanings. While others just feel certain numbers are just lucky.


Numerology has been around since ancient times. It was considered a holistic art. You can find your lucky number by writing down your month, day, and year of birth in single digits. The next step is adding the digits of your month together, the digits of the day together and then the individual digits of the year together, keep adding until you end up with a single digit. Now add all the total of all 3 numbers together. When you get the total, add those two numbers together, and you will end up with one single digit. This is your lucky number.

The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers 0-10

  • Number 0 – is a circle which represents the nature and spiritual meaning of continuous flow
  • Number 1 – one represents singularity, self-discovery, self-empowerment
  • Number 2 – represents the union, balance and yin-yang, co-creation
  • Number 3 – represents the flow and movement of energy, self positive energies
  • Number 4 – represents the connection of mind-body-and spirit with the outside world
  • Number 5- represents manifestation, represents the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether.
  • Number 6 – represents the connection between the intuitive guides and guidance
  • Number 7- represents luck and serendipity
  • Number 8 – represents abundance and prosperity, energetic flow of money
  • Number 9 – represents a higher awareness of oneself
  • Number 10 – represents destiny

Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals can be land animals, water animals, birds, and even insects.

Examples of Land Spirit Animals:

  • The Fox represents good fortune and good luck.
  • The Lynx represents the master seer
  • Snow Leopard represents the supreme master of intuition
  • Chipmunk represents your wish is granted.
  • Rabbit represents abundance

On The Chinese Calendar

According to the Chinese calendar, the lucky zodiac animal is the rabbit. It represents fortune and good luck.