Horoscopes and the Lottery

Some people strongly believe in astrology and horoscopes and enjoy following the predictions of the stars. Other people take these beliefs with a pinch of salt.

Lottery Horoscopes

The internet is filled with astrology sites; some of them predict the zodiac sign which will win the next lottery. Some sites may state their views on the luckiest zodiac signs. The luckiest people, according to some of these websites are Geminis in the first place, then Leos in second and Sagittarians in third. Geminis are said to be lucky because according to the traits of their sign, they are experimental and like to test the winning strategies of new lottery games. Leos like to challenge fortune. Sagittarians are said to be lucky because they are known to say, things always work out in the end.


Lottoland conducted some studies to see if what the horoscope lottery sites say have any bearing on which signs win most often. According to these studies, it has shown that the most frequently winning horoscope signs are; in first place Leo, with 8.7% of all winning tickets, Aries with 8.67%, and Capricorn with 8.63% of all winning tickets. The largest prize money was won by an Aquarian with a 16.93% total winning amount and a Gemini with 15.28% of the total winning amount.

Signs Who Buy the Most Tickets

Capricorns purchase 8.84% of all tickets, while Aries signs purchase 8.72% of all tickets and Leo signs purchase 8.64% of all tickets.

Signs Who Buy the Least Amount of Tickets

Scorpio signs purchase the least amount of lottery tickets at 7.53% of all tickets, Sagittarius signs purchase 7.60% of all tickets and Libra signs buy 7.96% of all tickets.

It only goes to say the more tickets you buy, the better odds you have of winning.